WriteShare 1.1.7 is now available in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Here are the changes:

  • You can now delete taxonomy if you need or want to. Dashboard > WriteShare > Settings.
  • We added redirects to /write and /profile. For non-logged in visitors, when they visit your /write or /profile pages, they now be re-directed to the login screen for your site. Previously, there was a non-inviting “you can’t do that” type of screen displayed.
  • Added draft functionality. Now, writers can save drafts to work on at a later date.
  • WriteShare comments displayed in Buddypress activity stream. When readers comment on submissions via WriteShare, those comments will display in the Buddypress activity stream.

A new item we are working on will hopefully be ready for the next release:

Turning comments on/off. Right now, the ability to post comments to WriteShare is tied to ability to comment on posts. We are working on making these separate admin items so you can choose to allow comments on WriteShare and not on blog posts, etc. More info coming on that as we continue to discuss it here at WriteShare.

Please consider giving us a very good rating at the WordPress Plugin Repository. If you’ve been following, you can see that we continue to improve the plugin, add new features, fix bugs, etc. The plugin is working really well! Coming very soon: demo videos. Again, please give us a very good rating and review in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

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