If you do not want everyone registering for your site to have Writer Privileges, then in

Dashboard > WriteShare > Settings

leave UNCHECKED:  New users are authors by default

author 1


Here is how a subscriber can manually apply for Writer Privileges and be approved by a Site Admin.

Once registered for your site, the subscriber should to to their profile pages at https://yoursite.com/profile/ to find a link to request Writer Privileges:

author 2

After Requesting the subscriber will see

author 3


The Site Admin will receive notification:

author 4


The link will take the Site Admin to the USER PROFILE.  Note, the very bottom of the User options is a field to allow Writer Privileges.  Be sure to check the box and UPDATE user.

author 5


The subscriber, now writer, will receive email notification of approval:

author 6


The subscriber is now a writer and can access your https://yoursite.com/write/   page.

Here are the instructions on Posting and Editing.

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