There is more to writing on WordPress than blogging.

WP WriteShare will turn WordPress into a writing community. We’ll do it for FREE.

*** Version 1.x is now available for download.***

With WP WriteShare, site admins get a writing platform. It’s easy to set up full-on writing communities for education. Classes and courses using various Learning Management Systems (LMS) like LearnDash, LifterLMS, Namaste, Sensei, WP Courseware, WP LMS, LearnPress, will find the WP WriteShare plugin a must for all writing and course work submissions.

Fanfiction, recipe, journalism/news, long read, …hell, any site that invites writers or members to submit text, graphics, or both will want to use WP WriteShare.

A peak under the hood:
WP WriteShare uses advanced taxonomy features that offer flexibility in how content is organized for both writers and readers, making your WordPress more of a writing platform than a blogging site.

In plain English:
Writers will upload their submissions in a simple yet organized format. Writings will be easily searched by not just author and date (that’s the blogging way), but with many more search options.

That’s barely a sneak peek.

WP WriteShare is going to be super easy to use and set up, lightweight, flexible – and the first version is now available for download.

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