Install and activate like all plugins.

There will be two additions to your Dashboard:
1. WriteShare
2. Content
Dashboard 1
WriteShare > Settings
Select your content type. This selection will change 2. Content to your selection.

Content Types 500x385



This selection will then populate the Dashboard > CONTENT area.
NOTICE – the word Content on your Dashboard will change to whichever content area you selected: Fanfic, Essays, Recipes, etc.

URLS – Use these to create your Menus

Login/registration: /wp-admin/

Profile: /profile/USERNAME_HERE/

Writing: /write/

Search and Archives: /content/ you selected at Dashboard >WriteShare>Settings (examples /writing/ for Creative Writing; /fanfic/ forfanfic; /poems/ for poems, etc.

Editing: via Edit links in Profile


See other setup instructions if you need them.

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